Monday, June 27, 2016


Venice was another awesome experience. The only thing I would do if I could go back would be to PACK LESS. Honestly I didn't use half of the articles of clothing in my bag. I brought two deodorants (most of the days I forgot to put it on or went swimming). We had our first Airbnb in Venice. The host was amazing. There was a flood in her home but by the time we got off the water taxi our host already had other arrangements for us in a nice little apartment close to the town center

We had to pack a lot of Venice into one day. We went on a gondola ride, walked to Peggy Guggenheim Museum which is unfortunately closed on Tuesday unbeknownst to us. It did lead us to other side of Venice which we otherwise may not have seen. We went for lunch at La Rosa Rossa. They had amazing pizza and just to throw in some health we also got roasted vegetables on the side. Finally we walked to the top of St. Marks Basilica.

View from St. Marks looking right onto the Piazza San Marco

Emma and I love the Four Seasons after listening to them for hours on end while studying in school. That evening we went to see Vivaldi performed in a church and afterwards shared a plate of pasta. Splendida Serata!

Always wine

After Venice we spent a couple more days spent in a small coastal town called Fiumicino. Then its off to Rome to meet our Familia!


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